Michèle Dutrisac Trail

Located on Isabelle Road, just South of the hamlet of Way's Mills, the trail is approximately 1 km long. Set in an entirely wooded area, visitors can access the banks of the Niger River. The decor is beautiful in every season.

General information

The rest stop and the trail is available free of charge from Isabelle Road in every season.

Open to hikers and snowshoers exclusively.

Two parking spaces are available.

Dogs are only allowed if on a leash.

A picnic table and a trash can are on site.

A bit of history

In 2016, Mrs. Michèle Dutrisac offered this land, which is located on the banks of the Niger River and covers more than 14 acres, to the citizens of Barnston-Ouest. Happy with this donation and to pay tribute to this great lady, the Municipality developed, in 2017, a path and a rest area accessible to all, citizens and visitors.

Who is Michèle Dutrisac?

During the '70s, Mrs. Michèle Dutrisac and her spouse Mr. Peter Kilburn settled in the Municipality. While Peter Kilburn put a lot of energy into setting up the Forêt-témoin on Ball Brook Road, Michèlle Dutrisac was on the town planning Advisory Committee for many years. Also, for two years, she assumed the role of Secretary of the Rozynski Art Centre. Both Michèle and Peter were proud citizens of Barnston-Ouest, enthusiastically participating in the vitality and development of their Municipality.