Residual Materials Management

Schedule of various types of waste collection

The collection calendar is transmitted each year to all citizens.

  2023 collection calendar


The Municipality encourages sorting at the source and offers its citizens a 4-way selection to contribute to the collective effort for better management of residual materials on our territory. The four ways are i) compostable materials, ii) recyclables, iii) domestic waste and iv) agricultural plastics.

Also, the Inter-municipal Solid Waste Management Board in the Coaticook region organizes a household hazardous waste (HHW) collection annually.

Proper management of our residual materials and what ends up in our bins, is an excellent way to maintain a quality environment.

To help you sort, here are some practical tools:


The Inter-municipal Solid Waste Management Board of the Coaticook region offers individuals and businesses a variety of services including an Eco-Centre which receives large scrap, dry materials and metals. Thus, to avoid the burial of construction, renovation and demolition materials, the Régie has set up a transshipment Wharf. The Régie will then ensure either to manage the materials on-site or to route them to the appropriate sorting centres where they can be recycled and valued.

Address: 1095 Chemin Bilodeau, Coaticook Québec) J1A 2S4
Telephone : 819 849-9479

For more information and to know the pricing and schedule, visit the Régie’s website.

Ressourcerie des frontières

To reduce burial and to enhance the reuse of certain materials, the Municipality of Barnston-Ouest has reached an agreement with the Ressourcerie des Frontières. The Recovery Centre specializes in the recovery and reuse of used products. Before throwing away your “old things,” remember the Recovery Centre and use their depository and collection services.

For more information, visit the website of the Ressourcerie des Frontières.


A recycling bin for unwanted paint is supplied by the Municipality. The recovery bin is located in front of the Municipal office and is accessible at all times.

Recuperation of dry batteries, ink cartridges and compact fluorescent lamps

The Municipality also provides its citizens with boxes designed for the recovery of dry batteries, ink cartridges and small fluorescent light bulbs. The containers are accessible at the Municipal office during office hours.

Emptying septic tanks

Since 2017, the Municipality participates in the septic sludge drainage and recovery program, administered by the Coaticook MRC.
Under the By-law on the evacuation and treatment of wastewater from isolated residences, permanent homes, shops and industries have to empty their septic installations every two years. Secondary homes, which are occupied less than 180 days a year, only have to drain their septic facilities after four years. For more information, visit the website of the Coaticook MRC.